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FDSA Dubrovnik 2016

The second international Financial Data Science Association Conference was held June 19-21st in Dubrovnik, Croatia. As more and more sectors turn towards data to enhance their efficiency and decision-making, we asked the question: “What will be the biggest sources of data-driven change and disruption in the finance industry over the next 5-10 years?”

FDSA Dubrovnik 2016 brought together thought leaders and actors from across the globe, industry, and academia, to present, debate, and construct a common vision for the integration of judicious data science into the investment and risk management process. We saw how data is transforming finance today, and what it could do tomorrow as companies compete to innovate, and make use of their data resources to maximum advantage.

Keynotes and Notable Presentations

With presenters from a variety of startups, major global financial institutions, national banks, and top academic research institutions, the second FDSA conference covered a breadth of topics, but remained true to the central question: how and where can data science be used to better advantage in finance?


Anastassia Fedyk (Harvard University/HBS)

“Information Propagation in Financial Markets: The Importance of Attention”




Colin_Melvin_hi-res-preferredColin Melvin (Hermes Investment Management)

“Dynamic Valuation by Relationships”




profilepicCherry Muijsson (University of Cambridge)

Risk Aversion, Wealth Inequality, and Portfolio Choice





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